If you like African American women women, then Bambi C. is definitely on your Christmas wish list. This black beauty has long dark hair, an attractive body, and a gorgeous face to match. Her face piercing also adds a touch of uniqueness to her already stunning looks, not that she needs anything else to make her hot and desirable.

She has a little extra cushion for the pushin if you know what I mean, but that can definitely work to her advantage and to yours. Some women who are built like bone racks, seem to crumble under the pressure of a good gangbang, but not Bambi C. She can handle anything you and your friends, no matter how many, can throw at her, or should I say 'in her'.

Bambi C. has been around for a while, and she knows what she's doing. Experience goes a long way in this this business, and Bambi C. is one experienced hottie!

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