Brains and beauty area very rare combination nowadays. Most teens either have one or the other. Usually the really good looking teens are dumb as a tree stump, or the really ugly ones are smart as Albert Einstein. In this case however, Caitlyn happens to have both attributes, brains and beauty. Caitlyn is a math major and is a whiz at algebra, geometry, trigonometry, the whole works! And she's also a gorgeous babe and a hottie on top of all that. She's a one in a million.

Caitlyn has a great body, and isn't like those skinny bonerack model types. Her beauty is all natural, just like her B cup tits, and shaved pussy. Her nipples are big, round, and smokin' hot, and her brain is a lot smarter than yours, so she can't be fooled easily. She has a genuine and hearty smile, and it really shows in her photos.

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