Some teens have that youthful mix of innocence and naughtiness that is totally equal in both portions. Callie is one girl who has that look. One second she can have that wide eyed look of wonder and curiosity, and the next she can look like a mischievous little troublemaker. The latter ability really comes out in her photos, but only when she wants it to. She has complete control of both her sides.

Her totally red hair sometimes can look sexy as hell, other times it can make her look like a tomboy. Her C cup tits are hot and natural looking, and her nipples are like bullets. Her pierced belly button also adds to her overall look of naughtiness, while her freckles add to her innocent look. She's like two people in one. Callie is not your average teenager, she's a TeenFlood girl, and they are the best kind.

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