Talk about being a goofball. Danica has a lot of fun both in her shoots and in life in general. Goofy, gorgeous, and great looking, all three make for a wonderful combination and the result is a wonderful young model named Danica! She has hot shoulder length blond hair, and light blue eyes that will put you in a trance. Her smile is a genuine one, and it is warm and inviting.

Danica has an amazing body, very slender yet toned and athletic kind of looking. No fat to be found on her that's for sure. She also keeps a sweet looking little landing strip of pubic hair above her pussy, but keeps her actual pussy lips and asshole totally shaved and bald. She loves to be outdoors in many of her shoots, wearing a bikini or other slinky clothing, but it doesn't stay on very long. The quicker she takes it of, the quicker you get to see her in action.

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