Twenty year old Elena looks as sweet as can be at first glance, you'll come to find that looks can be deceiving. This slender little hottie of Middle Eastern decent packs quite a punch in the looks department.

Her long flowing black and brunette hair flows over her shoulders down to a perfect set of B-cups that one could simply stare at, or suck on all day long! It doesn't stop there though, cause once you get her bikini bottoms off, you'll find the most exquisite pussy in the world. Her lips are oversized for her frame, but that just gives us more to sample as we taste what she has to offer. And finally her feet, I'm not sure what it is about Middle Eastern women’s feet that capture my attention, but Elena has me mesmerized.

We think your going to enjoy her just as much, check back later for her boy girl fuck out by the pool.

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