Magda is the kind of teenage girl whose girlish appeal never ever seems to fade away. The 18 year old hot brunette wears he hair in lots of different ways, but she prefers the pigtails to almost all of the other ways. I'm sure a lot of men agree with her on that choice too, as pigtails seem to attract men like no other hairstyle. Magda has striking deep blue eyes as well, which also have a tendency to attract men. Her face is as cute as a button, and she has that sweet and innocent look about her . She is also quite active when it comes to playing sports and exercising. She enjoys hiking, taking long walks in the forest, and is a big fan of going out with friends on the nature trails. Her body is slender, with nice B cup tits, and her pussy is unshaven. For a 'back to nature' kind of teen, Magda is the girl for you.

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