Keera is a gorgeous eighteen year old!
A schoolgirl and aspiring fashion model!

Hi! Okay so since you're reading this I'm guessing you made it to my site! This is still very weird for me. I mean being on the Internet naked and all. But you have to start somewhere, right?

The really weird thing is that I'm still in high school--don't worry, I'm 18 so you won't get arrested--but anyway everybody at my school found out about my website even before it was finished.

And I mean EVERYBODY. Let's just say I get some weird looks from people at school, ESPECIALLY my male teachers. I don't mind if they're cute (that reminds me--hi Mr. Chandler!!!) but the principal is NOT cute and he keeps giving me these stupid little smiles in the hallway. Ugh. How much do you want to bet he's a probably a member??

So anyway I just learn to ignore little things like my principal walking around with an erection. It's pretty small so it's easy to ignore (I hear his wife does). I'm almost out of school anyway and I'm NOT going to college, at least not for a while. I'm going to keep pursuing my modeling career (I don't only do this website, I also do fashion stuff and I've been in a few teen magazines--with my clothes on!).

So anyway, I hope you join my site. I have a bunch of pictures and some videos and stuff for you to look at/watch. But even better, when you join my site you are getting access to all the sites on the TeenFlood Network (click here to see all the sites you get!) so you are definitely getting really good deal because you get to see not only me but about 1000 other girls (I'm the prettiest, though!).

I'll see you on the inside!

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